The Jungfrau Region is ideal for snow hikers and sledging enthusiasts


Explore the Jungfrau Region by sleigh

The Jungfrau Region offers some highlights for sledding enthusiasts. With the "Big Pintenfritz", it is home to one of the longest sled runs in the world at 15 km. A former Faulhorn innkeeper gave his name to the sled run, which still exists today. Fans of James Bond recognize on the "Bob Run" the locations of the film "In Her Majesty's Secret Service", which was shot there in 1969.


Bob Run StreckeAllmendhubel - Mürren (Bob Run)

The bob sled run featured in the James Bond film «On Her Majesty's Secret Service» in 1969.

The sledging fun starts at the Allmendhubel mountain station. Today you can follow in the footsteps of the screen hero on a spectacular descent. The sledging run slopes evenly downhill from the Allmendhubel (1,907m) through the Blumental Valley and snow-covered forests to the village of Mürren continuing on to the bottom station of the Allmendhubel funicular railway. This is a unique experience for all ages and promises exciting and lasting memories.

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«Big Pintenfritz»Longest sledging run in the world - «Big Pinenfritz»

If you love the thrill of racing down a snowy mountain on a sledge, then «Big Pintenfritz» is for you. The route goes from the Faulhorn to Grindelwald via the Bussalp.

Winter hiking: Starting from the Bussalp or First, a two-and-a-half-hour uphill hike takes you high up to the Faulhorn summit at 2,680 m above sea level. But you have to pull the sledges up the mountain yourself.

Sledging: From the Faulhorn to Grindelwald via the Bussalp, the «Pintenfritz» covers a total of 15 kilometres and 1,600 metres of elevation, thus giving it the distinction of the longest sledging run in Europe. Surrounded by the peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, the sledging adventure in Grindelwald is truly a unique experience.

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A living tradition from Grindelwald

Once in the Jungfrau Region, do not forget a ride on a «Velogemel» – a single-track, steerable snow bike that the people of Grindelwald have been using to get around since 1911.
Every February, the World Championship takes places in Grindelwald - you can be part of it!

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